No Frills - Cost Effective - Webs For Small New Businesses




Web sites really do not need to cost a lot of money, unless you demand such complexity that it takes a team of designers to set it up, but if you want a starter site to get you on the Internet, we are the people to assist.. A web site is only as good as your business card, it is of no use at all if you are trying to tell a client what you or your company do, if the business card does not say on it exactly your line of business. On the other hand, it is pointless having a web site if it takes forever to load and then does nothing at the end in the form of telling potential clients what your company is all about., like your business card


Our sites are simple because you must have read down this far to know what we are saying. Pictures often distract. Do not be fooled by wonderful expensive graphics and animations, words are often far better, after all you are reading this.


Now let us get on with your site, we can get you up and running at minimal cost in minimal time, which is what you want as a new business. Of course we can build super sites, but that comes later, when your company is thriving.


Did you know that most successful adverts and webs are mainly in writing?


You may need a picture to explain the tricky bits, but words are still more powerful than most other forms of advertising, however should you really want a graphic site that is no problem either.